Why Buying Email Lists Is Always a Good Idea?

Buying vs. Renting Email Lists

This post is for those who are on a lookout for a free email list or a rented mailing list. Think twice before you make such a decision. And here is why:

Problem with free business email list database:

You might be thinking of an business email list that will save your pocket money completely. From your own website, you can gather new email ids. You need a sign up form or a contest participation form to get customers or visitors data. But the problem with that is such email list will take long time to be built. Also, if you don’t have email verification system, people may give false email ids. Moreover, if your visitors are top level CEOs or specialized medical professionals, you may not get the required email lists. On internet, you may find some free email lists but those are not authenticated. Some email ids may have expired by the time you download the list. So, don’t go for free email list.

Problems of renting b2b mailing list:

You may be thinking about purchasing email lists from some list provider. But read the following points before making a decision:

1) In email list rent, you have to give your email content to 3rd party email marketer who will be sending the emails. You won’t have specific idea about to whom the emails are sent.

2) You can not use the same email database after one time. So, for every time you have to pay. Because of the payment issue, you won’t be able to experiment much with the email contents.

3) You can not check the response to your sent emails instantly. You have to rely on the report sent by the email list owner.

4) In the sent emails, the ‘From’ field will contain the List Owner’s name. Hence your Brand name will not be promoted through the sender’s email is.

So, the third & final choice left for you is purchasing a business email list:

Benefits of Purchased b2b email list masterfile:

1) You’ll have control of the purchased email list. You can view the exact database of your target audience.

2) you have to pay a one time cost for sending email.You can send email to the recipients without paying any extra money to the email list seller.

3) Before buying an email list, you can always ask for a free sample and check if the emails are working or not.

4) Based on the different user response from different emails, you can sub-group your users list and send different emails to different groups in the future.

5) You won’t have to wait for the list owner for email response rate. You can check the response at your convenient time from your personal email platform.

Here is an infographic on business email list buying & selling. You can download the infographic image and view it later.


Final conclusion on ‘Buying vs. Renting Email Lists’:

So, according to the analysis, ‘Buying’ is finally the winner in Buying vs. Renting Email Lists. Rather than renting a mailing list, go for purchasing a list for greater benefits. Buying a b2b email list is always a good idea! For details, contact with Dunlopmarketing, which is the official leader for selling Email Lists and Databases.

For details about buying email lists, use the following contact information:

For more information about this email list place a free enquiry by clicking on this link : http://www.dunlopmarketing.com/

Call us at : +1-800-310-8349

Send in your emails at : info@dunlopmarketing.com


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