Fortune 1000 Companies- A Peek Into The Latest Trends

Fortune 1000 companies are the largest companies across the USA that generate highest revenue.  The coveted Fortune Magazine has been publishing a popular list of Top 1000 publicly and privately held companies. The ranking is purely based on the gross revenue and the list has been published for the last 61 years. Some of the popular organizations that have consistently made it to the list include Wal-Mart, Apple Inc., AT&T, The Boeing Company, Google, Merck, Goldman Sachs, Aramark, Marriott International and many more. The common link across these high brand value companies is that they are a part of the prestigious fortune 1000 companies.

What is fortune 1000?

Fortune 1000 is a list created by Fortune magazine. It details the 1,000 largest companies in the United States based on revenue. It is not based on market cap or enterprise value and depends solely on gross revenue. It is considered an important and prestigious list and the annual publishing garners keen interest across the business community for those who follow the business world are keen to track the latest happenings in the business world.

Knowing more about the Fortune 1000 companies will give a better understanding of the latest business trends and will give business enthusiasts a peek into the world of the companies that generated the highest revenue. A look at the latest trends helps in comprehending the business cycle and investments. It gives a preview of the following:

  • The predominant buying cycles by industry
  • Inherent and acquired IT budgets, budget change, and other initiatives.
  • Extent of cloud computing adoption
  • The different storage environments and trends
  • Utilization of big data and its associated trends
  • The changing geographic trends

A look at the current technology and buying tendencies assist marketers to build smart sales and marketing strategies to help foster business growth and get maximum profits. According to a study of Fortune 1000 companies based on the current budgeted initiative and the inclusion of technologies, the findings are as below:

  • 52% of Fortune 1000 companies employ one to four budgeted IT initiatives.
  • 7% have over five budgeted IT projects.
  • 41% have 0 budgeted initiatives.

The research reports that the transportation/utilities vertical has the highest buying activity at a whopping 73%. The wholesale/retail is at the second position with 55%.  The report also has some good news for software marketers. A rising percentage of retail companies are investing in cloud computing and this sure comes as a great business news for marketers associated with it.

Besides, research also sheds light on equally enlightening trends like the significance of big data and their specified use across the Fortune 1000 companies. If you wish to reach key decision makers across the industries that made it to the elite list, why not invest in valid and accurate fortune 1000 industry executives email list? Designed with precision, the comprehensive database from Dunlopmarketing will help marketers reach key decision makers to effectively promote the offers to the targeted audience.


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