The Chief Technological Officer- CTO

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the job openings for CTOs are going to rise between 2012 and 2022. The incessant and continued growth of business through information systems is one of the major causes for the rise in job opportunities. There have been increased advancements in business solutions and growth in mobile device usage that have contributed significantly to the increase in job openings for IT leaders.

The CTO is the technological backbone of the company and he is responsible for the management of the organization`s research and development besides technological needs. The CTO examines the short and long-term needs of the business and makes optimal use of the capital to ensure that the organization achieves its business goals. Reporting directly to the CEO, the CTO is an integral part of companies that deal with scientific and electronic products. They are responsible for the oversight of intellectual property.

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The top 3 skills that every CTO must possess:

Selection of technical design: The selection of the platform and technical design depends on the business strategy of the organization. The business strategy may be to create a lean start-up or to effectively manage a larger conglomerate, the CTO must be well equipped with the right education and professional skill set. The CTO must be an effective team player who the members can turn to when there are projects getting off the ground.

The ability to see the big graphic picture: The CTO must be fully aware of what a specific technology can do or cannot do and this means being aware of what is written and what is not. Based on experience and statistics, the CTO must know about the tangible and non-tangible projects. Foreseeing the macro and micro aspects ensures that the business in in safe hands of the technological expert.

Provide solutions and options: An important attribute of the CTO is that he should be able to provide suitable options and serve the customer segment efficiently. Assimilating the business products and proposals for change is yet another factor that ensures that the CTO is the final point of contact for your queries and business proposals. The CTO must therefore be able to decide and choose the best options for the business.

The CTO is the highest technology executive across business enterprises with technology and engineering products. Larger companies with bigger budgets may have a CTO or CIO or both. In addition to developing policies and protocol that focusses on optimal use of technology, the CTO zeroes in on the cost-benefit and ROI analysis. The Chief Technological Officers are therefore architects, evangelists and interface designers with a great skill set. You may reach such exceptionally talented CTOs from leading business enterprises for the sale and promotion of your services and products. Get the CTO email list and await the most enticing campaign response.

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