Role of the Educational Service Industry In The World Of Education

The educational services industry was the second largest industry in 2008, providing jobs for over 13 million wage and salary workers. Since education is the cumulative process of facilitating learning and acquiring new skills and values it is an integral part of the  education system worldwide. Education is undoubtedly a very important part of life and the amount of education received by individuals, determine the earnings and skill upgradation.

The educational services industry comprises a host of institutions that offer academic excellence, career guidance and technical instruction to trillions of students in the USA. Setting high educational standards and goals the educational service executives like instructional coordinators, college professors, counsellors and more help the education sector achieve excellence.


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The role of educational service executives across academia

Instructional coordinators:

They go through the school curricula and suggest changes if any. They are responsible for researching the teaching methods, text books and other instructional materials. They may co-ordinate major purchases like instruments, installation of latest technologies and more.

Counsellors of education and vocational services:

They are integral to the elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary school levels assisting students develop realistic academic and career options. With the help of interviews, counselling sessions and other methods, they help students understand and deal with social, developmental and personal problems. Depending on the need of the students their responsibilities vary. Elementary school counsellors help students undertake social and personal counselling while college counsellors are more concerned with career and academic counsellors.


Librarians are integral to the educational system as they help students and teachers find the relevant information through appropriate sources. In addition to managing the library staff and helping in organizing the library material it helps students with standard references.

a) Library technicians: They assist librarians helping them acquire, prepare and organize material helping direct library users. They also help users retrieve information from computer databases.

b) Clerical library assistants on the other hand ensure that library materials are returned on time. They are in charge of collecting overdue fines and materials.

Teacher Assistants

They are often referred to as teacher or instructional aides who provide instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers. Teacher assistance allow teachers more time to plan lessons and teach. The teacher’s lesson plans ensure that students get personalised attention. They play a pivotal role in assisting special education for non-English speaking students.

The other occupations in the educational services industry has a host of support workers like secretaries, administrative assistance and general office clerks. They may also be in charge of employing school bus drivers, janitors and more.

This educational service industry also includes institutions that provide training, consulting and other support services. Curriculum development, student exchanges and tutoring have also become integral to educational services. The world of academics has metamorphosed significantly.

Computer technology is one of the predominant factors that has affected education significantly. From ensuring internet based technology to conduct effective classes to ensuring that research projects get the support of online resources, computer technology is creating significant inroads in the education sector. Electronically supported lessons and coursework is indispensable to distance education programs at the University levels as well.

Educational services have set higher educational standards and goals that help in establishing policies and procedures to carry them out and develop programs that help in educational progress. As an integral part of the educational system that monitors the educational progress, Education services trains, motivates and evaluates teachers and the other educational and assisting staff to uphold the quality of education imparted at the elementary, college and university levels.

Written by: Andrea Price for Dunlopmarkerting
List Source: Education Service Email List & Mailing List
Contact: 800 310 8349


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