Top 5 Challenges Faced by CIO in 2017

The Chief Information Officer or CIO has a really challenging job. In recent times, digitization has changed the business landscape phenomenally. Organizations have been looking at reinventing themselves digitally while promoting security against threats and more. To put it in a nutshell, CIOs are facing challenges that include Cyber security, diversity, keeping things relevant and challenges in effectively managing stakeholders.

CIO Image

Chief Information Officer

The advancement in technology and different business models is the main reason behind the shift in global economic power. It has emphasized CIOs to stay ahead of the existing competitors. Equipped with multiple tools like cloud computing, analytics, various mobile applications, robotics and machine aided learning, the business opportunities have changed so have the costs involved. Significantly precise supply chains; vibrant and reliable personalized products and promotional campaigns which eventually leads to loyal customers are the major strategies that the CIO must pay heed to, in the coming years.
According to research by Forbes, the top 5 challenges that CIOs are going to face in 2017:

  1. Leading the company`s digital transformation

    Gone are the days when the CIOs were focussed on facilitating the company`s digital transformation. The time has come to ensure that CIOs are leading the digital transformation and going all out to bring about significant changes. According to reports by Gartner, almost 40% of respondents to the 2016 CIO Agenda survey are overseeing the digital transformation efforts while 60% of CIOs are still hanging on others coattails. 2017 is going to be a tough year ahead for CIOs who are not prepared to lead such transformational endeavours.
  2. 2017 is going for a more relevant customer experience than customer centricity:

    A business achieves maximum success when the top leaders take the initiative to reach their customers and interact with them through various platforms. Business savvy CIOs that take a keen interest in monitoring the sales, marketing and finance along with the operational aspects end up getting more out of their efforts. According to Deloitte’s global CIO survey, 57% of respondents chose “customers” as their top business priority. But only a meagre 45% of CIOs believed that their initiatives have helped augment the customer experience. In order to meet the tough challenges that lay ahead CIOs must commit to spending close to 20% of their time with customers. This will result in heads-up IT leadership.
  3. Make software and data analytics the center of the company:

    Time and again we read about the Internet of Things. It refers to the detailed process of collecting data from sensors and then analysing the data to get new insights and better market opportunities. It has been estimated that about a 50 billion things will be connected to the internet by 2020, irrespective of whether the company delivers packages or is a manufacturing hub. The CIO is responsible for putting things together.
  4. Strategize business plans effectively and do things faster:

    The speed of the business often determines the success and as digitization takes over there is a need to exploit newer opportunities faster. CIOs must take charge and work on delivering faster and respond to queries on time. Speeding up the business time is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that the business is on fast track growth and excels. With Cloud Computing changing the technological landscape of the business, speed has become integral to business. Companies today must operate at a different speed than they did years ago.
  5. Application development teams must be given the extra nudge for speed and agility:

    Digitization offers a set of challenges and as an avid CIO, are you confident that your team is equipped to handle the changes? Is your development team equipped to make changes to the environment quickly when there are change of plans? Most development organizations have cloud based platforms and development tools. The CIOs job is to ascertain that the business is ready to deploy production apps in Cloud.
    Modern CIOs that succeed in achieving the above objectives will be able to navigate their businesses along the path of success. They are bound to ring in higher revenue with a customer-focussed and digitally adept future.

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Why Child Day Care Facility is So Important?

For working parents, child care becomes critically important factor in their ability to earn a living for their family. The economic reality is that most families today consist of working parents. Either both the parents are working and trying to juggle work schedules with caring for their children or a single parent doing it all on his own. For those parents who are unemployed, there are affordable child care options available.


Child Day Care Center

To many parents, day care is a necessity, but for some it also causes a feeling of guilt and stress for leaving their children in the hands of someone who they don’t even know. However, based on recent studies, young children can reap benefits from being placed in child care centres at an early age. Early childhood education has innumerable benefits, such as better, more equitable long-term outcomes for children of divergent economic backgrounds. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Social development

Researchers have found that the quality of child care is important to the overall development of young minds. They are in need of consistent and emotional support. Choosing quality care becomes important for babies and toddlers, who need nurturing, safe environment to thrive. For this to happen, parents can ensure that their children are in high-quality childcare centers by looking for caregivers who are responsive and caring to children’s needs. These institutions provide a stimulating environment by engaging with children and talking and playing with them.

  • Making friends

According to a latest study, nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 in the United States are in some type of child care arrangement. They get the opportunity to learn socialization skills and are exposed on how to deal with different types of personalities and cultures. As a result, they develop the habit to share with other children and play together. It shapes their personality and they grow older, this may pave the way to make better relationships with their peers. Teaching children appropriate social skills, putting them together in a closely knitted peer surrounding creates opportunities for children to practice these skills.

  • Learning from the grass root level

Day care also offers children the chance to pull ahead in their scholastic goals. Although most of them do not offer formal classroom instruction, they have caring staff members who often help them in reading and introducing them to basic numbers, colours, and letters. High quality child care provides the much needed boost to excel in academic performance, and also foster the early acquisition of school readiness skills. They have better math, language and social skills.

  • Reduced stress

When your child is safe, given proper care, love, and stimulating environment, you don’t have to worry while you are away (at work). You are at peace that your child is getting the kind of care children need to have for leading a healthy, happy, and successful life.

  • A win-win for all

Children who attend day care may have a higher likelihood of future successes. Society, families, employers, communities, and the country as a whole benefit from high quality organized child care facilities. Fostering a healthy and successful future workforce is essential to everyone’s well-being.

We are listing out a few quality indicators that measure the conditions that generally foster a safe and stimulating environment for children.

  • Low teacher turnover
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Small size of group
  • Staff with good education and on-going training
  • Good health and safety practices
  • Healthy teacher/child interactions

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Healthcare Email Databases- How They Help The Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is undergoing digitization at a rapid pace. As a result there is tremendous transformation from paper to electronic records. Thus healthcare databases are gaining popularity. A well-researched and verified database is the first step to using good data for business communication, maintaining health records and more.

What is a Healthcare Database?

Database is the collection of data that is organized for storage. It is ready to be accessed and retrieved at any point of time. Healthcare databases have replaced paper documents, file folders and filing cabinets. Healthcare businesses including suppliers, pharmaceuticals or medical labs find healthcare databases highly useful as it helps key decision makers to communicate marketing messages effectively. Modern digital marketing service packages are the ideal investments and they help in effective brand promotion, lead generation and much more. They are effective tools that help marketers achieve their business goals successfully.

The key advantages of using healthcare databases:

  • Healthcare databases facilitate effective storage of data that may be stored and retrieved effectively.
  • The front-end software ensures data integrity and since the data is electronic it allows quick and accurate processing of transaction like lab results and payment claims to list a few.
  • The digitization of healthcare databases has shed light on the fact that the amount of data that healthcare centers are able to store is massive and the huge data repositories will enforce cost effective healthcare.
  • The exhaustive healthcare industry has thousands of healthcare lists of decision makers from Health Care Services, Care Facilities, Medical & Diagnostic Laboratories, Physical Therapists and more. With the authentic lists, marketers may choose the right step of the ladder to reach decision makers, retrieve data and more.
  • Authentic mailing lists foster trust and marketers may effectively promote products and services without any delays.
  • Promotion, sale and marketing products in the niche category is now so easy with our valid mailing lists.
  • Most recipients of mailers, and other promotional offers become dependent on them to get educated on the latest launches and enticing offers.

The opt-in email lists are trending and at Dunlopmarketing we have an exhaustive repository of healthcare lists that will help marketers reach their targeted audience effectively.

Disadvantages of healthcare mailing lists:

The manner in which healthcare lists network in the market is yet to show its results.

Poor data may adversely impact the outcome of the campaigns and result in bad sender reputation for marketers.

Lack of technical support to maintain and retrieve records makes it impossible for marketers, healthcare record keepers and more to maintain records.

Overcome the challenges by transforming weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities by ensuring that as marketers and investors in healthcare lists you also keep yourself updated on the latest trends. It also helps to:

  • Stay abreast on the target audience
  • Reach healthcare professionals including doctors and nurses
  • Explore a multitude of distribution opportunities through extensive market research
  • Get high-quality data for higher deliverables and assured campaign success

Whatever be the reason to choose digitized databases, Dunlopmarketing provides exhaustive lists of healthcare decision makers for successful campaigns, brand building and higher business revenue.

Why Buying Email Lists Is Always a Good Idea?

Buying vs. Renting Email Lists

This post is for those who are on a lookout for a free email list or a rented mailing list. Think twice before you make such a decision. And here is why:

Problem with free business email list database:

You might be thinking of an business email list that will save your pocket money completely. From your own website, you can gather new email ids. You need a sign up form or a contest participation form to get customers or visitors data. But the problem with that is such email list will take long time to be built. Also, if you don’t have email verification system, people may give false email ids. Moreover, if your visitors are top level CEOs or specialized medical professionals, you may not get the required email lists. On internet, you may find some free email lists but those are not authenticated. Some email ids may have expired by the time you download the list. So, don’t go for free email list.

Problems of renting b2b mailing list:

You may be thinking about purchasing email lists from some list provider. But read the following points before making a decision:

1) In email list rent, you have to give your email content to 3rd party email marketer who will be sending the emails. You won’t have specific idea about to whom the emails are sent.

2) You can not use the same email database after one time. So, for every time you have to pay. Because of the payment issue, you won’t be able to experiment much with the email contents.

3) You can not check the response to your sent emails instantly. You have to rely on the report sent by the email list owner.

4) In the sent emails, the ‘From’ field will contain the List Owner’s name. Hence your Brand name will not be promoted through the sender’s email is.

So, the third & final choice left for you is purchasing a business email list:

Benefits of Purchased b2b email list masterfile:

1) You’ll have control of the purchased email list. You can view the exact database of your target audience.

2) you have to pay a one time cost for sending email.You can send email to the recipients without paying any extra money to the email list seller.

3) Before buying an email list, you can always ask for a free sample and check if the emails are working or not.

4) Based on the different user response from different emails, you can sub-group your users list and send different emails to different groups in the future.

5) You won’t have to wait for the list owner for email response rate. You can check the response at your convenient time from your personal email platform.

Here is an infographic on business email list buying & selling. You can download the infographic image and view it later.


Final conclusion on ‘Buying vs. Renting Email Lists’:

So, according to the analysis, ‘Buying’ is finally the winner in Buying vs. Renting Email Lists. Rather than renting a mailing list, go for purchasing a list for greater benefits. Buying a b2b email list is always a good idea! For details, contact with Dunlopmarketing, which is the official leader for selling Email Lists and Databases.

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