Impact of Social Media on Travel and Tourism Industry

In the contemporary world, social media has become quite impactful with regards to every industry across the globe, and having said that, the travel and tourism sector is no exception. The influence that social media has on the travel bookings of wanderlusts is massive, right from researching on the various untraveled destinations to selecting affordable yet good hotels. According to a recent market survey, 38% of US travelers and 64% of non-US travelers have taken to social networking while travelling. Modern-day travelers make effective use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. to research, review and also to purchase travel packages. With time, the travel industry has become revolutionized with the help of social media as it offers you first-hand experience in the form of check-ins, informative photographs on destinations, stays and post the trip-status updates.

Let us glance through the benefits social media offers to the travel and tourism industry hereon:

Keeping a tab on your competitors

With each passing day, competition increases exponentially in the travel and tourism sector, which raises the potential this sector has in regards to growth and economic development. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors and take a note of their business strategies if you wish to gain great marketing opportunities and stay ahead in the league. You can visit the social media pages of your business rivals in order to get an inkling as to what they are doing or not doing. For instance, F5 Escapes has recently come up as a blooming all women’s travel group that has remarkable followers online, say Facebook and Twitter.

Identifying, understanding and engaging with your audience

It is very important to have a clear understanding of the requisites and demands of customers in order to reach out to them. Gone are the days of traditional marketing, wherein identifying a potential audience base was not an easy thing. With the advent of social media, understanding your targeted audiences and interacting with them have certainly become more productive. With social media, one can interact with a massive online crowd, respond to comments, ask questions, resolve queries and post useful content. By paying close attention to online conversations, you too can surely have a thorough understanding of your audiences’ needs. The data that social media networks gather for you shall enhance your marketing strategies and render a loyal customer base.

Recognizing your brand advocates

You may come across a few customers who voluntarily discuss and share details about your brand, product or services, provocating audience comments, more follows, etc. This one kind of referral marketing which may include article share, email and video sharing, fostering the ‘word of mouth’ messages to others. These type of referral marketers are also known as brand advocates.

Coming back to ‘word of the mouth’ or WOM, it is imperative for any developing business. Since, people search for reviews before booking a hotel or visiting a restaurant, the impartial reviews by the brand advocates shall lend a helping hand to your marketing.

Smooth, great and hassle-free customer service

 Customer service plays a great role in the success of travel and tourism business. A great and seamless customer service creates a world of difference by ensuring that your existing customers are retained as well as new customers are acquired. You can deliver optimum customer service by giving prompt response to customer queries and by resolving them across your social media brand pages. You can also strike a post-vacation conversation with a traveler to discuss about their experience with last-minute travel booking or may also send a survey for useful feedback and reviews as this can impact the decisions of others in choosing your services.

Social media has surely revolutionized the travel and tourism industry to a great extent. As per research, almost 80% of travelers across the globe have claimed that they followed reviews updated online by their social media friends. Owing to various benefits that social media offers, travel and tourism industry executives have started using it extensively for branding and marketing of their services. What they get in return are immense profits and a broader customer base.

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