Myths About Travel Agencies

Mention the phrase “travel agent” to many travelers, regardless of age, and they can’t imagine why they would ever use one. It’s easier and faster than ever to book a hotel, airline ticket or car rental online, and there are user reviews everywhere, so why would anyone need an agent? We found out when we looked at some of the myths about how they work.

Travel agency executives

When planning a vacation, there are many things to take into account. You’ll need to search for kid-friendly hotels and attractions, flights, restaurants, deals, etc; and that’s not always an easy feat on your own. That’s where travel agents come in, to help you plan a vacation and take some of the stress off.

We are here to ease your mind about working with travel agents by debunking 7 myths about them.

I can book the same trip on my own: Yes, you can book a similar trip. But advisors can save you hours of time you’d spend on research and price comparisons. According to emarketer, consumers visit 21 sites in nine sessions before making a travel booking. Travel consultants do far more than just flight or hotel bookings. For example, they arrange car service, personalized tours, VIP activities and travel insurance.

Advisors send you to hotels or cruise lines that pay them higher commissions: They wouldn’t retain clients if they did that. Because they work for their clients, they am not burdened with the commission based business model. They spend time learning what a client wants and then only book travel that fits their personal tastes. They could be getting a huge commission from some cruise line but if the client isn’t a fit, it doesn’t make sense. It’s all about finding the perfect match.

The internet is replacing the need for advisors: The internet is a great resource, but it’s no substitute for the expertise, knowledge, counsel and service of a travel advisor. In fact, people who have tried doing it themselves online are coming back to advisors. Forrester reports that customer satisfaction with online travel agencies dropped 11% between 2007 and 2010, and online loyalty has dropped 33%.

Travelers want to do their own planning and working with an advisor takes away that fun: Good advisors consider themselves planning partners with their clients. They encourage clients to do their own research and planning, then work with them to put the entire trip together. Collaboration with an advisor actually eliminates the stress of the arrangements and lets you focus on the joy of the vacation. Because your advisor is available 24/7 before, during, and after your travels, you’ll have peace of mind throughout the process.

All advisors are the same: Like all professions, each professional is different. It’s like picking a lawyer, doctor or dentist. They need to be right for you and certified by the right organizations. Clients will realize travel agents are counselors and concierges and lifestyle planners. People should choose a travel planner the way they choose a financial planner.

I can get better prices online: This is sort of true…But what you think you pay walking in the door is not what you end up paying when you walk out. I am talking about the upgrades and added amenities that advisors get for clients through relationships with hotels, cruise lines and tour operators. Travel suppliers work to keep their loyalty and business by offering extra benefits to their clients. The pricing, packages and perks advisors can obtain aren’t usually available to the public.

No one uses advisors anymore: Actually, according to the American Society of Travel Agents, advisors sell 51% of airline tickets, 87% of cruises, 81% of tours and packages, 45% of car rentals and 47% of hotels. The New York Times reports that advisor bookings account for one-third of the $284 billion U.S. travel market. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that employment of travel advisors will grow by 10% from 2010 to 2020. Since there are more than 100,000 travel advisors in the U.S., that’s a sizable increase.

Travel agencies are not only still around, but they’re actually thriving. In this age of information overload on the internet, people need counsel from experts more than ever. But many people think travel agents are a vanishing breed or don’t understand why anyone would use one. So, let’s stop the continued spread of these old travel myths.

Let’s fight these fears, dispel the myths about travel, and encourage more people to get on the road and explore the world.

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Written by: Andrea Price for Dunlopmarkerting
List Source: Travel Agency Executives Email and Mailing Lists
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